Centre of Excellence (COE) – HIV Care

Sir Leonard Rogers FRS (1868–1962) was a founder member of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and its President from 1933 to 1935. Rogers had a wide range of interests in tropical medicine, from the study of kala-azar epidemics to  snake venoms, but is best known for pioneering the treatment of cholera with hypertonic saline, which has saved a multitude of lives. Rogers was one of the pioneers in setting up the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine in India. The foundation stone was laid on 24 February, 1914 by Lord Carmichael, the then Governor of Bengal. Accordingly, the hospital section of the institute is known as Carmichael Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

Eminent researchers like Sir Leonard Rogers, Sir R Knowels, Sir UN Bramhachari,  Sir  Ronald Ross,  Prof. RN Chopra, Prof JB Chatterjee, Prof AB Chaudhury did fundamental research in this institution on various tropical diseases and are remembered globally for their inventions. The Researchers and Faculty of the institutions are now holding the flagship to continue with the world class fundamental research.

The prestigious institution is now in its 100th year and the centenary celebration is being made through various programs.
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