The School of Tropical Medicine, a shining star in the scientific firmament of our country, has a glorious past. Some of the important landmarks of the institute are listed below:
1925 The method of synthesizing urea Stibamine was worked out here in the Department of Chemistry according to the Principal laid down by Dr. U. N. Brahmachari.
1950 Method of detection of Argemone oil in adulterated mustered oil was first done in the Department of Chemistry.
1957 First Case of Histoplasmosis in India was detected in the Department of Mycology.
1960 First report of Lathyrism among Bengalis was done by Dr. T. K. Saha, Dr. S. B. Chatterjee and Dr. R. N. Choudhury.
1961 First case of Hb H disease was reported in India by Dr. J. B. Chatterjee
1970 First case of Diarrhoea caused by Vibro parahaemolyticus was detected in Kolkata by Prof. B. D. Chatterjee et al in the department of Bacteriology.
1982 First case of Arsenic induced skin lesion was detected by Dr. K. C. Saha.
1984 Presence of arsenic in ground water in rural Bengal was first detected by the Department of Chemistry.
1988 Detection of TCP as contaminant in edible oil was first detected in the Department of Chemistry.
1997-98 Nodal centre for arsenic estimation was set up here – recognized by WHO.
2003-04 Peripheral laboratories in different district of West Bengal were set up under this nodal centre.
2011 A Centre of Excellence under Dr. Subhasish Kamal Guha was set up for carrying out reserach on HIV/HVF Co-infection and Anti Viral Therapy.
2012 A specialist department Regenerative Medicine and Translational Science under leadership of Dr. Niranjan Bhattacharya was set up for conducting fellowship course on RMTS and Surgical treatment of Regenerative cases.
2013 CSTM celebrates 100 years through various programs.
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